ABA Therapy Services

ABA services can be provided in your home, in community settings, or at the HOPE Learning Center in Cool Springs

Individualized Programs

Therapists will target skills important to your child and family. Programs can teach communication, social, and self-help skills while reducing problem behaviors.

Social Skills Groups

Seasonal social skills groups help children to generalize skills learned in 1:1 therapy to small groups and prepare them to learn in larger group settings.


HOPE Autism and Behavioral Health Services, LLC serves families of children with autism and other developmental disabilities in Nashville and surrounding areas. HOPE offers a variety of services including development and supervision of in-home ABA-based programs. HOPE is founded on the belief that all children have the ability to learn and that family-centered behavioral programs can help children with autism and other disabilities 'learn to learn.'

Our Services

  • Behavior Consulting
  • Family Training
  • Direct Therapy
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Therapist Training
  • School Observations
  • IEP/IFSP meeting attendance

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