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  • Intake Process – Private Pay

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    Please let us know you are interested in services by filling out an ABA Interest Form Here.  Once the form is received our Program Director will get in touch with you to let you know if we have a waiting list or to schedule an intake appointment.

    Please complete the following forms and return them via email to [email protected] or bring them with you to the intake appointment.

    1. We will schedule an initial intake appointment with the BCBA consultant who will be leading your child’s therapy team.


    2. We will schedule assessment appointments and complete the initial assessment. The assessment will be broken down into multiple visits (usually 1-3 hours each) if needed.  The assessment can take up to 8 hours although we try to do it as quickly as possible so that we can begin services.


    3. When the assessment is complete, we will schedule an appointment to go over the results of the assessment and review the treatment plan recommendations


    4. Your consultant will then introduce you to the therapists on your child’s team and will overlap with each therapist to do child-specific training.