What is ABA?


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science that is based on the proven principles of learning.


ABA is not a specific intervention, but a set of scientifically-proven principles that form the basis of any ABA-based treatment program.


ABA treatments are based on the behavior of the individual and are not "blanket" treatments that can be applied to all children without modification.


There are a variety of popular terms that are used to describe ABA interventions (discrete trial teaching, verbal behavior training, pivotal response training, etc).  We don't "do" any one of these interventions, but combine a variety of interventions based on your child's individual behaviors and learning preferences.


Applied Behavior Analysis has been studied since the 1960s.  There is lots of available research on effectiveness of different interventions with different types of learners.


ABA is most often discussed as a treatment option for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders but can be used effectively with people with a variety of disabilities - and people without disabilities!