HOPE Programs

Program Overview – Toddlers and Preschoolers

Our goal at HOPE Autism and Behavioral Health Services is to set up comprehensive home-based programs that are implemented by therapists and families throughout the week and are supervised and updated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts.  Programs target skills across a  variety of developmental domains based on your child's needs.  We require that families commit to providing a minimum of 8 hours of 1:1 ABA services per week for their child.  Research suggests that 10 hours per week is the minimum amount of services necessary for children to make meaningful progress on ABA goals and your consultant will likely recommend a greater number of hours of therapy per week.  At least 2 and no more than 4 of your in home 1:1 hours need to be provided by a HOPE consultant each week.  The remaining hours may be provided by HOPE therapists or by private tutors trained by your HOPE consultant.  In some cases (financial hardship, refusal of additional hours by 3rd party including TEIS, etc.) you as a parent may provide some of the required hours, but you will need to document your hours just as a therapist coming into your home would do (time sheet, data sheet, etc).

Teaching goals are individualized based on the needs of your child and family.  All programs place a strong emphasis on teaching communication and independent living skills.  We believe that all children have areas of strength and areas of weakness.  While we address the areas of weakness we will also continue to build on your child’s strengths!

We believe that parents are a critical component to any child’s success and place a strong emphasis on parent involvement and training.  Each week your consultant will discuss your child’s development with you and will provide you with strategies to promote learning outside of the therapy environment, manage problem behavior, and increase your child’s communication.  Parents are expected to participate in therapy as necessary and may be asked to take data on behaviors outside of therapy sessions.

Program Overview – Older Children

Older children (5+) may require fewer hours of services or services to address specific behavior problems as opposed to teaching a variety of skills.  Your HOPE consultant will work with you to determine your child’s needs and the appropriate level of services.  The 8 hour therapy minimum can be waived for older children if the consultant does not feel a full program is needed based on your child's skills and/or other daily activities (school, therapies, etc).